Freelance Editors

Everyone, no matter how good, needs an editor. .

If you're traditionally published, hybrid or independently published, an editor can help sharpen and improve your works.

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Types of Editor

Developmental editors work with you throughout the writing process, guiding and molding characters and plot.

Copyeditors look for continuity and errors of fact. They also fix problems of style and grammar.

Proofreaders look for problems of style and grammar.

Freelance Editors

Developmental Editors

Pat Smith

Story Circle Network's Editorial Service

Blood Red Pencil Editors

Copy Editors

Cindy Davis

Laree Bryant

Jim Thomsen

Chris Roerden

Jeannette de Beauvoir

Sharon Garner



Anita Bartholomew

Catherine Wilson

Laura Culley

Linda Lane

Lyn Worthen


While MMA lists freelance editors for the convenience of its members, MMA does not in any way endorse a particular editor. Caveat Emptor.

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The list is named after Dorothy L. Sayers' 1933 book, in which Lord Peter Wimsey takes a job working undercover at Pym's Publicity..

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