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Welcome to Murder Must Advertise, an email discussion list for every author who wonders about the best way to promote a new mystery book. Trade ideas and practical tips for touring, direct mail, advertising, and online promotion. Talk about where to get postcards made, how to tour on a shoestring budget, who to send press releases to. Publicists, web mavens, and booksellers are welcome, too.

MMA just celebrated 12 years of helping authors promote their own books in an ever-changing marketplace.

The Moderator recently did a podcast with marketing guru, John Kremer. Check it out here.

Individualized marketing services are now available for authors wanting more one-on-one services.

Membership is now over 1500 and traffic currently averages 15-20 messages/day.

The list is named after Dorothy L. Sayers' 1933 book, in which Lord Peter Wimsey takes a job working undercover at Pym's Publicity.

New!! Tagging Database -- MMA  members can request tags for their Kindle titles via this database -- for members only

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